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I found this and I needed to share. The following is an actual workout program called The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Workout

What you are about to read is the actual pitch for this program.

Why Are “Expert” Trainers Screaming Bloody Murder About This Simple 4-Phase Workout That Sculpts Your Body and Gets You Ready to SURVIVE THE COMING ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?

Why? Because most “experts” refuse to admit that the zombies are coming and only those with elite-level strength, speed and stamina will surviveAre YOU ready?

This new top secret workout is perfect for any guy looking to add the conditioning… functional strength… raw power… and rock-hard muscle needed to stay alive and defeat these gruesome brain eaters!

Zombies love eating brains…

And if YOU have even half a brain… you’ll read and heed this urgent warning – and make damn sure you’re prepared for the coming zombie apocalypse.

Here’s the scary story:

All evidence–and by evidence, we mean “movies”—suggests that at some point in the very near future, there will be an outbreak of infection on a massive scale.

This sickness will be characterized by fever, internal hemorrhaging, and extreme weakness. All cases will prove to be fatal; but that’s not the worst part…

Evidence shows that the threat from this great epidemic is not just death, but undeathin other words, those who die from this disease will rise shortly after with an insatiable taste for flesh, blood, and braaaaaains.

That’s right. Zombies.

There Will Be A Zombie Apocalypse

At the end of civilization – you’re going to see people come back from the dead and spawn more zombies.

You’ll need to be prepared to run away from them, or kill them in hand-to-hand combat.

Otherwise you simply will not survive! Or, even worse, you’ll join their ranks as a zombie – for eternity, or until someone who is actually prepared bashes your zombie-skull in.

And when I say “prepared” — that’s exactly what I’m about to teach you.

Remember, zombies are relentless. They have no feelings, no compassion. No soul!

They won’t stop until your brains are in their belly.

So what are you going to do?

I’ll let you read the rest if you are interested here. It’s too much to all post here but trust me it’s worth a read through.

Lol for real? This is hilarious and made me think of Shean Seward

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